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Roscommon's Mosaic Tradition, Geometric and Artistic Mosaics in the North-West

"Roscommon's Mosaic Tradition - Geometric and Artistic Mosaics in the


A documentary photo-book.


"Roscommon's Mosaic Tradition - Geometric and Artistic Mosaics in the North-West" is a documentary photo book that explores mosaics once designed and created by 'Irish Mosaics', a prestigious mosaic factory founded by John Crane in Co. Roscommon, in 1952.

Artist Laura Earley began documenting these mosaics back in 2018. Conversations with locals and interviews with those who once worked in the industry feature in this artistic photo book.

The book features an eloquent introductory text by writer Tom Roseingrave, detailing the trajectory of the project and the history of the industry. The book also contains original documents and photographs from those who worked for the 'Irish Mosaics' factory. This photobook comprises of 117 pages, of which 80 of those are examples of geometric mosaics.  

The book is available to purchase at Newsround Bookstore Roscommon Town, Co.Roscommon.

If you wish to receive a copy of the book via post please email

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